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Viktor Kuusela - Printmaker
19.11.2010 - 16.01.2011


This autumn's print theme at Ateneum continues with an exhibition of the art of Professor Viktor Kuusela, who celebrated his 85th birthday last spring. This gala exhibition presents prints by a technically adept artist who has continuously renewed his art. The exhibition includes around 70 prints covering the artist's entire career.  

The majority of the prints on display in the exhibition are part of the collection donated by Viktor Kuusela to the Ateneum Art Museum. The remaining prints were acquired earlier by the museum or are on loan from the artist's own collection. This is the first time that the donated collection is being exhibited to such an extent. The exhibition has been compiled by Heikki Malme, Chief Curator of the collection of prints and drawings at Ateneum and author of new book on Kuusela's art that is being published at the same time.

Viktor Kuusela's long career includes at least five clearly discernible periods: realistic, informalist, scrap, fantasy and natural. His art has been inspired by people, everyday life and work, and above all nature. The subject of Kuusela's art and the technique he employed are closely interconnected. "Certain subjects demand a certain technique, and certain techniques a certain subject," is how the artist himself has described his method. The artist has created his prints during intense phases that have always involved experimenting with and developing new technical applications.

Born in Salmi in 1925, Kuusela entered the Finnish Art Academy in 1946, where initially he studied to become a painter. His first private exhibition was held in 1958.