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Treasures of the Palace exhibition's audio guide


The audio guide to the Treasures of the Palace exhibition allows visitors to hear Finland’s present and earlier Presidents and their spouses talking about favourite art works from the collection. They each read their own contributions in Finnish.
The guides are also available read by professionals in Swedish and English.

Duration c. 22 min.

Click below to listen to the presentation or save the file to your computer. You can also download the audio guide to your own mp3 player.
In the museum, you can listen to the audio guide with a device you can hire from the museum's ground floor.
Click on the picture to see art work's information.

Audio guide production team:
Producer: Satu Itkonen
Narration: Marjorita Huldén and Peik Stenberg (Swedish), Heather Ross-Sirola and Stewart Gray (English)
Translations: Camilla Ahlström-Taavitsainen (Swedish) and Diana Tullberg (English)
Recording: Silencio Oy
Production: Ateneum Art Museum 2013