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In the Spirit of Picasso



Ateneum's collection display now features the focus display In the Spirit of Picasso, which acts as a prequel to the grand exhibition of Pablo Picasso's art. In the Spirit of Picasso introduces the work of Finnish artists directly or indirectly influenced by the master. There are also ten prints of Picasso from Ateneum's collections on show. The display has been compiled by Ateneum's project manager Erkki Anttonen and curator Timo Huusko.

Many Finnish artists have been interested in the different periods of Picasso's art since the second decade of the 20th century. Early on, their main interest was focused on matters of style, such as cubism and classicist form. After the war, artists have been inspired by Picasso's spontaneity and vitality, and sometimes his grotesque subject matter. Several artists have also been influenced by his vivid and strong use of lines and bold colour combinations.

In the Spirit of Picasso features works by sixteen Finnish artists from Ateneum's collections: Ilmari Aalto, Wäinö Aaltonen, Alvar Cawén, Gösta Diehl, Erik Enroth, Erik Granfelt, Unto Koistinen, Kauko Lehtinen, Anitra Lucander, Olli Miettinen, Lars-Gunnar Nordström, Yrjö Ollila, Tapani Raittila, Anita Snellman, Jaakko Somersalo and Per Stenius.

Works in room 24:

Picasso, Pablo: Artist by His Painting, 1927
Artist with a Knitting Model, 1927
Bull and Horse, 1927
The Frugal Repast, 1904
Goat Skull, 1952
Model with a Surrealist Sculpture, 1933
Still Life
Three Women, 1922
Two Catalan Drinkers, 1934
Woman's Bust after Cranach the Younger, 1958

Works in room 25:

Aalto, Ilmari: Books on a Table, 1928
Cubist Composition, 1915
Still Life, 1932

Aaltonen, Wäinö: Dancer (The Dance), 1928
Model for the statue of Aleksis Kivi, c. 1930–32
Woman Seated, c. 1926

Cawén, Alvar: Head of a Woman, 1910s

Diehl, Gösta: Bombed Village, 1950

Lucander, Anitra: Collage a–o, 1957
Collage q, 1957
Composition II, 1953

Miettinen, Olli: Still Life, La Piste II, 1931
Still Life with Crisp Bread, 1931

Ollila, Yrjö: Hearing the Homework, 1923
The Musicians, 1928
Street View in Semur, 1921

Stenius, Per: Collage, Match and String, 1956
Dark Composition, 1952–53
Kristiansund, 1956

Works in room 27:

Enroth, Erik: Blue Still Life, 1953
Spanish Composition with Bulls, 1958

Granfelt, Erik: Nude, 1951
Still Life with Bottle, 1952
Still Life with Lamp, 1951
Studio Picture, 1970s

Koistinen, Unto: Clown, 1947
Mother and Child, 1972
Mother and Daughter, 1972

Lehtinen, Kauko: Fantasy, 1978
From the series Koivusaaren Erkki, 1970
Open Book, 1957
Variations on a Chair, 1982

Nordström, Lars-Gunnar: Back Light, 1947
Blue Moment, 1948–49
Composition in Blue, 1952

Raittila, Tapani: Boys on the Shore, 1955

Snellman, Anita: Birdcage and Mandolin, 1956
Hommage à Picasso, 1981

Somersalo, Jaakko: Composition, 1951
Fishes, 1950
Still Life with Bottle, 1948

More information on the works and artists from the Finnish National Gallery Collections web service.