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Room 5


Helene Schjerfbeck

Helene Schjerfbeck (1862–1946) had an exceptionally long artistic career, extending across seven decades. She was an independent artist who walked her own path, both living up to the expectations that were placed on her and rebelling against them.

Like a true master, Schjerfbeck was able to continuously renew her way of painting - her artistic output ranged from her history paintings of the 1880s to her works of bold modernism of the 1940s. The common thread throughout her exceptional career was her uncompromising desire to focus on what was essential.

Works displayed in this room

Schjerfbeck , Helene: Before Confirmation, 1891
The Door, 1884 (audio guide)
Girl from California I, 1919
Girl on the Sand, c. 1912
Maria, 1909
The Sailor (Einar Reuter), 1918
The Seamstress (The Working Woman), 1905 (audio guide)
Self-Portrait, 1912
Self-Portrait, Black Background, 1915 (audio guide)
Still Life in Green, c. 1930
Under the Linden, 1911
Woman with a Child, c. 1887
The Woodcutter I, 1910–11 (audio guide)


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