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Room 4


FOKUS: Contemporary Art 125 Years Ago

The works on show in this gallery were all completed or acquired for the museum 125 years ago, in 1888, the same year the Ateneum collections were opened to the general public.

Some well-known works are accompanied by a selection of contemporary reviews which show clearly that works regarded as national icons today were once quite controversial. The Focus exhibition demonstrates that art which is eventually accepted as good is not necessarily recognised as such in its own time; the achievement of recognition also requires the contribution of museums and museum history.


Works displayed in this room

von Becker, Adolf: Interior from the Hallonblads' Home, Hympölä Manor, 1888

Edelfelt, Albert: Elli Jäppinen at the Stove, study, 1887
In the Drawing Room at Haikko, study, 1888
Women Outside the Church at Ruokolahti, 1887
Woman Ironing, study, 1888

Finch, A.W.: The Wellington Racecourse in Drizzle (Ostende), 1888

Gallen-Kallela, Akseli: Bohême, 1888
Démasquée, 1888 (audio guide)
First Lesson, 1887-1889
Countess Berthe de Vallombreuse, 1888

Järnefelt, Eero: Le Franc, Wine Merchant, 1888
Chimneyless Sauna, 1888

Muukka, Elias: Shore Landscape from Åland, 1888

Repin, Ilya; St Nicholas, sketch, 1888

Schjerfbeck, Helene: The Convalescent, 1888 (audio guide)

Vallgren, Ville: Bust of the Writer August Strindberg, 1885
Ophelia, 1888

Wahlberg, Alfred: Maritime Landscape in Moonlight, 1888

Wasastjerna, Torsten: Boat by the Shore, 1888

Wiik, Maria: Portrait of B. O. Schauman, 1888


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