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Provenance research

Provenance research is an inherent part of museum work. Information pertaining to provenance and context, i.e. information about previous owners and about the use of artefacts, contributes to the museum value of an object or a work of art in the highest degree. The better these are known, the more the object tells us about its times and itself and the more versatile is its use in exhibitions, publications and research.

At the moment, changes in the ownership of works of art during the period between the World Wars are very much in focus. See this list for works in Ateneum's collections of foreign art whose provenance between the years 1933–45 has not yet been fully investigated. To facilitate this work, it is in the interest of the museums to make public those works of art on whose provenance other researchers may be able to shed light. Further information on the subject can be found on the Finnish Museums Association site.