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Press release: Ateneum's popular Art for Us! event day is here again


Art for Us! event day for students at Ateneum Art Museum is now organised for the fifth time on Wednesday, 28 Nov 2012. There is free admission to Ateneum with the student card throughout the day. The day’s interesting programme is related to the international 52 Souls exhibition opened just two weeks earlier, featuring poetic, mystical and sensual interpretations of nature. Among the artists who will be presented are the great masters of art such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and Wassily Kandinsky.

Art for Us! day includes exhibition presentations, nonstop workshop and the writing group Tapiiri's personally made poetry portraits. Akademiska Sångföreningen's pop-up quartet entertains in the exhibition halls and the night culminates with a street dance jam session at Restaurant Tablo, where UrbanApa feat. SADE guarantees good atmosphere!

The hugely popular Art for Us! event day is organised in cooperation with HOK-Elanto, Helsingin Sanomat, Student Union of the University of Helsinki and Lyyra.

Art for Us! at Ateneum on Wednesday, 28 Nov 2012, 10–20

Presentation of the 52 Souls exhibition:
12:00 Finnish introductory lecture in Ateneum Hall
14:00 English introductory lecture in Ateneum Hall
16:00 Exhibition Curator Anna-Maria von Bonsdorff's lecture: Sleep and Nightmare - Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin
18:00 Finnish introductory lecture in Ateneum Hall

15–18 Writing Group Tapiiri paints written poetry portraits.
Poetry portrait is a concept invented by the writing group Tapiiri from Turku, where the subject of the poem poses for the writer. The person can sit, stand, lie down, speak, be quiet, or do anything they want to do. The writer looks at the person and writes a poem. The writer can read the poem aloud and give it to the person who is the subject of the poem. Poems are not collected or used for any other purpose.

16–19 Nonstop workshop: make your own coaster. From one landscape to another – the coaster workshop technique is brush painting.

17–18 Akademiska sångföreningen entertains museum visitors in the main staircase and exhibition halls.

18–20 UrbanApa's energetic street dance group takes over Restaurant Tablo.

During the day, there are student-friendly offers in Ateneum's Restaurant Tablo and Ateneum Shop. The five hundred first to arrive get a surprise to take home.

Further information: Ateneum Art Museum, Marketing Planner Jaana Rosenlew, jaana.rosenlew@ateneum.fi, tel. 040 772 7457