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Press release: Ateneum’s collection in Google Art Project now online


Ateneum Art Museum’s collection in the Google Art Project has today been published online. The Art Project now includes 55 classic works from Ateneum, shown on the site as high resolution images with added introductory notes. Using the Street View feature, you can take a virtual tour around the museum’s collection display. One of Ateneum’s masterpieces, Eero Järnefelt’s best known painting Under the Yoke (Burning the Brushwood) (1893), has been photographed in extraordinary detail using the ‘gigapixel’ technology, enabling the work to be studied online beyond what is possible with the naked eye.

Ateneum’s Museum Director Maija Tanninen-Mattila says the Google Art Project can reach also those who are unable to visit museums and see the works there. “We want to make our art collection accessible to as many people as possible. Global online presence offers for example researchers an excellent opportunity to study our works. Through being a part of the Google Art Project, Ateneum can reach a whole new, international audience.”

“More and more people online are interested in art, and the Google Art Project is a great way of getting to know the art of different periods, countries and artists. Its users have already created almost 400,000 personalisedgalleries,” says Anni Ronkainen, Country Manager at Google Finland. “Today, 1,500 new works of art and 16 super high resolution ‘gigapixel’ images have been added to the Art Project, bringing along 29 new partners.”

Google Art is a global digital museum that makes the world’s art treasures accessible to all – visitors can wander around museums from across the world and experience the art in detail. It is a collaboration between Google and over 260 acclaimed art institutions, and it makes over 40,000 works of art available online. The project was launched in 2011.

Ateneum Art Museum in the Google Art Project:

Details of the gigapixel image of the painting Under the Yoke:

Google’s news blog:


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