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Orbit of Day


Architect Heikki Sirén commissioned a painting from Wardi to the new office building he designed for the Helsinki Parish Union on Kolmas Linja in the Kallio district. Sirén did not want the painting to be too sophisticated. Wardi painted the Orbit of Day for the building, the inspiration for which he got from the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge in the Salisbury plains in England. Stonehenge consists of enormous standing stones that form a circle according to coordinates in the sky. During the second millennium BCE, the stones were aligned with the rising sun on the summer solstice and the setting sun on the winter solstice. A warm, yellow sun shines in the centre of the painting surrounded by circles. The darker areas on the sides represent the stones of Stonehenge. Wardi hid scarcely discernible outlines of people in the midst of the circles. The painting refers to the circle of seasons and the circle of life.