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Alexander Reichstein: At Home
10.02.2012 - 29.04.2012


The 'At Home' installation allows us to step inside the Larsson house in Sundborn. Larsson's small waterolours have grown to room size. We can peep through the windows and doors and move back into the Larssons' world a hundred years ago. Come and investigate, explore and enjoy it!

Artist Alexander Reichstein has specialized in children's culture. He was born in Moscow in 1957 but has lived and worked in Finland for over 20 years now. He astounds the visitor with his huge installations, which express his view that "My work isn't finished till someone is using it."

At Home...
...you may read!
...you may create!
...you may play, peacefully!
...you may dress up!
...you may take photos!
...you may sit down!
...you may clean up!