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From ARS to Ateneum
29.03.2011 - 23.10.2011


From ARS to Ateneum presents works that were included in the first three ARS exhibitions and that have since been included in Ateneum's collections. For the past 50 years this series of international contemporary art exhibitions has increased the awareness of Finns about current art trends. Ateneum has hosted five ARS exhibitions, most recently in 1995.

The first ARS exhibition was ARS 61 Helsinki, where the focus was on informal art. The exhibition presented contemporary art from Italy, Spain, France and Finland. Ateneum originally acquired six works from the exhibition, with two more bought later on.

The second ARS exhibition, ARS 69, focused on neorealism, kinetic art and installations, with contributions by artists and galleries in Western Europe, the USA and Japan. Ateneum acquired the work Blue and Black by Venezuelan artist Jesus Rafael Soto. ARS 74 was very popular and presented different expressions of realism. Bedroom by the Spanish artist Julio L. Hernández was acquired from this exhibition.

Only a small selection of works in the Ateneum Art Museum's collections can be displayed at any one time. The FOKUS series presents smaller thematic exhibitions that focus on a particular work of art, artist or subject.