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New FOKUS exhibition at Ateneum: Girl and a Cherry Branch


Ateneum Art Museum is presenting a new FOKUS exhibition in connection with its collection display. The Girl and a Cherry Branch brings together a painting by Amélie Lundahl with a new video installation by Markus Tuormaa.

Markus Tuormaa's Portrait draws inspiration from the painting Breton Girl Holding a Jar by Amélie Lundahl (1850-1914), which is part of Ateneum Art Museum's collections. The theme of the painting and its tiny brushstroke details create various associations in the viewer. Tuormaa's video installation describes this viewing experience.

Amélie Lundahl studied in Paris and, like many of her fellow artists, travelled to the coast during the summer months to paint the scenery and people she encountered there. The years she spent in France, and especially her time in Brittany, were of great artistic importance to Lundahl. As a realistic outdoor painting, Breton Girl Holding a Jar represents a major trend in art at the time. To achieve a genuine sense of reality, Lundahl has portrayed her subject not in an atelier but in her own natural environment. In this painting Lundahl plays with colour and paint, with details painted in different techniques almost like journal entries describing her work with the model.

In his video installation Portrait, Markus Tuormaa interprets Lundahl's painting, at times from his own perspective and at others in terms of art history. The viewing experience is an interaction between the painting and its viewer. The viewer's experience is thus similar to the work of the artist: an interaction between the model and the artist.

FOKUS exhibitions at Ateneum

Only a small selection of works in Ateneum Art Museum's collections can be displayed at any one time. The FOKUS series presents smaller thematic exhibitions that focus on a particular work of art, artist or subject.

FOKUS: Girl and a Cherry Branch

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