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Inner Circle


The close-knit family ties and willingness to help were evident in everyday life. Relatives pulled together to build the houses in the first place. Pekka Halonen’s brother Antti and other relatives assisted in the construction of not only Halosenniemi but Erkkola as well. The support of like-minded people and comrades engaged in similar creative work was important.

Social life in Tuusula was active. Get-togethers were held in front of fireplaces to discuss art, literature and politics. One of the favourite guests was Matilda Wrede, “friend of prisoners”, who was a particularly good storyteller. Other welcome guests included the poet Eino Leino, the painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Finland’s first female doctor of philosophy Tekla Hultin, and the writer Anni Swan. Many of them were painted by the master or mistress of the house.