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Home Schools


Most of the children in the artist community were educated at home. In the early years, when the children were small, they were taught by their parents, with Aino Sibelius teaching her daughters longer than others. Later on, teachers were hired who taught the children in small groups. Lessons were initially held at Halosenniemi, and subsequently also in Suviranta and Ainola. Instruction in the home schools was systematic and adapted to the needs of the individual child. At the final stages of their education, the youngsters attended school in Helsinki, many of them graduating from the famous Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu.

The children were actively encouraged to draw. Eero Järnefelt gave them fine sketchbooks for Christmas and even instructed them in printmaking. In the Christmas issue of Uusi Kuvalehti magazine, Venny Soldan-Brofeldt gave the following tips for aspiring watercolourists: “You don’t need many colours […] It is better to have three good paints than many bad ones.” In their leisure time, children drew pictures and edited several hand-printed magazines, such as Cauliflower News and The Finch.