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Dear Group Leader,

The Ateneum Art Museum warmly welcomes you and your group.

When you arrive at the museum, we request that you

•    Give your name at the cashier desk. All the members of your group will receive an entry sticker, which should be placed where it can be easily seen.
•    Leave backpacks, large bags, coats and umbrellas in the cloakroom or lockers. These items may not be taken into the exhibition galleries.

You may then proceed to view the museum's exhibitions and collections. If you have booked a guided tour in advance, your guide will meet you at the museum's information desk.

In the interest of making the visit enjoyable and safe for everyone, we hope you will bear in mind and bring to the attention of the members of your group the following:

•    It is considerate and important to take other museum visitors into account. You may talk and ask questions without having to whisper, but please refrain from loud conversation and mobile phone use.
•    Please remember that the artworks, artefacts or sculpture bases must not be touched unless stated otherwise.
•    It is not permitted to eat or drink in the museum galleries.
•    Photography in the exhibition galleries is not permitted.
•    The museum guards will be pleased to assist you in the exhibition rooms.

We hope that your visit to the museum will be a pleasant experience and that you will enjoy the Ateneum Art Museum. It is worthwhile discussing the visit with your group in advance. For further information, please contact the information desk by telephone on +358 (0)294 500 401 or by e-mail at ainfo@ateneum.fi.