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Ateneum offers free admission for children under 18 years, welcome!

Together at Ateneum – discover our art treasures!
Together at Ateneum is an assignment project that invites you to discover the works in the museum’s collections. Take a look at the details of selected works of art under a magnifying glass and experience the thrill of discovery as you find the paintings they belong to. Analyse what you see and discuss your findings. The material can be printed out at home or at school, or you can pick up copies from the cashier or info desk at the museum. The project is suitable for all friends over the age of three, including both adults and children.
Together ar Ateneum (PDF 400kt)

Visit the workshop for fresh viewpoints
Ateneum's workshop offers different kinds of courses for museum visitors of all ages. Through observation, discussing and experimenting, those taking part in the workshops will be able to look at the works of art on display in the museum from a fresh perspective. Workshop programme.

Guided tours
Ateneum offers regular guided tours that are included in the price of admission.