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Collection of drawings


The Ateneum Art Museum's extensive collection of drawings by Finnish artists has mostly been acquired in large batches, either as donations or from the artists' heirs. The first notable acquisition was the purchase of almost 300 ink and pencil drawings by R. W. Ekman. The collection was auctioned in Turku in 1873, soon after the artist's death. This acquisition was the background for the collection of drawings acquisition policy: the museum became a guardian of the Finnish artistic heritage. The following year K. E. Jansson's father donated over a hundred pencil drawings of his late son.

In 1875 the museum purchased 180 drawings from the estate of Magnus von Wright, mostly landscapes and town views. All of Werner Holmberg's watercolours, drawings, and sketchbooks, over 250 works, were purchased in 1890 from the artist's widow. They came with over a hundred drawings by P. A. Kruskopf that Holmberg had owned. It has often happened that all the drawings and sketches of a single artist have been acquired as a rather perfect set. Such was the case with the 55 sketchbooks of Eero Järnefelt, which the artist's heirs donated in 1993.

Ateneum's collection of hundreds of sketchbooks includes material that is crucial to the study of Finnish art.

Artists featured in Ateneum's collection of drawings include Fanny Churberg, Albert Edelfelt, R.W. Ekman, Magnus Enckell, A.W. Finch, Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Werner Holmberg, K.E. Jansson, Eero Järnefelt, Oscar Kleineh, Alexander Lauréus, Kauko Lehtinen, Henri Matisse, Otto Mäkilä, Tapani Raittila, Ilja Repin, Hugo Simberg, Venny Soldan-Brofeldt, Louis Sparre, Maria Wiik and the von Wright brothers.

The Collections web service of the Finnish National Gallery provides basic information on the works and artists in Ateneum's collection of drawings.