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The Cast


When the Tuusula artist community formed, many of its members were already known and well established. Jean Sibelius had composed his violin concerto and his early symphonies, and Juhani Aho was on his way to becoming one of the nation’s most revered writers. Pekka Halonen had established a reputation as the foremost painter of Finnish nature, and Eero Järnefelt was a leading portraitist. J. H. Erkko was an established poet and champion of Finnish nationalism.

Venny Soldan-Brofeldt was the only one of the wives to make a living as an artist, although Saimi Järnefelt had worked as an actress in the Finnish Theatre before her marriage. Maija Halonen had trained as a pianist, studied languages and worked as a teacher. Both of the latter women translated books from several languages, including English, French, Italian and Norwegian. Having studied arts and crafts in Kuopio, Aino Sibelius designed furniture for Ainola.