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Art abroad


Numerous works of art from the Ateneum Art Museum’s collection are once again visiting other museums this year. Popular works by several women artists are shown at the Sinebrychoff Art Museum, while treasures from Ateneum's international collection can be seen in Paris, Amsterdam and Tokyo, among other venues.

Travelling with Women (27.03.-10.08.2014) at the Sinebrychoff Art Museum is showing works from Ateneum's collection, discussing the foreign travels of women artists through the works they created abroad. The exhibition features the art of e.g. Helene Schjerfbeck, Maria Wiik, Elin Danielson-Gambogi, Sigrid Schauman and Ellen Thesleff.

Paintings by Beda Stjernschantz are on loan at the Amos Anderson Art Museum, in the artist's first ever solo exhibition (14.03.-31.08.2014). Works from Ateneum's collection include Stjernschantz's major works Everywhere a Voice Invites Us... (1895) and Irma (1895-96).

One of Ateneum's best known works, Albert Edelfelt's painting The Luxembourg Gardens, Paris (1887) can be seen in the Paris 1900; The City of Entertainment exhibition celebrating the splendour of the city at the arrival of the 20th century. The exhibition is on display at the Petit Palais in Paris (01.04.-17.08.2014).

The jewel of our international collection, Street in Auvers-sur-Oise (1890) by Vincent van Gogh is also on display in Paris, in the Van Gogh / Artaud exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay (10.03.-06.07.2014), while Portrait of Printmaker Félix Jasinsky (1887) is touring the world as part of the Félix Vallotton exhibition. After the Grand Palais in Paris, it can now be seen at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (14.02.-01.06.2014) and later at the Mitsubishi Museum in Tokyo (14.06.-23.09.2014).

Loans are a major part of museum work. For example in 2013, there were over six hundred works of art lent from Ateneum's collection to different exhibitions. The aim of lending is to mobilise Ateneum's collection, to show it to as wide an audience as possible, both domestically and internationally. Ateneum is a part of the Finnish National Gallery, and making the beloved classic works of art available for people even outside our own walls is one of our basic missions.

Updated 19.05.2014